mentoring scheme

Bilimankhwe offer a mentoring scheme for directors at an early stage of their career.


The scheme is run by Dr Amy Bonsall, co-Artistic Director of Bilimankhwe and experienced international theatre director.


Our mentorship scheme is run on a reflexive model;

the onus is upon responding to the unique talents of the director and aiding them to lead their own problem solving rather than dictating any particular style of practice.


The aim is to equip the director with professional confidence to take artistic risks that they might not otherwise choose to do.


We design a bespoke scheme for each individual emerging director depending on their needs and stage of career. Mentorship is about the artistic journey the director is undertaking: the mentor suggests ideas for further development but these ideas are not intended to be a judgement about the director's ability - the role of a mentor is to support and guide when asked.

For more information or to express an interest in participating in our mentoring scheme, contact

As a main component of our partnership with The Incident producer Joakim Daun, we are currently working with Elizabeth Zaza Muchemwa, a poet, playwright and Director based in Zimbabwe.


Elizabeth has been working on The Incident throughout its development, bringing it to life for its world première at HIFA 2017.


Along with her work on The Incident, Elizabeth has worked as a director and playwright at Almasi Arts, HIFA, and the Drama for Life Festival.

Amy is working with her to take her directing work onto the international stage in South Africa and the UK.